■International Support Program【2013】



The NGO Healthy City Support Organization has made steady contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of people in Asia and Western Pacific regions through its International Support Program. The program has primarily focused on a wide range of activities at the community levels pertaining to food, nutrition, health, and environment, in order to promote the concept of Healthy City.  


It will intend to make direct support to Healthy Cities Member City Governments and Organizations for the prime objective of strengthening cooperation through exchange of experience and knowledge about Healthy Cities Approach between AFHC members cities and Japanese counterparts. HCSO is going to invite them to visit Japan for sharing with each other and learning about Japanese experience and knowhow of various projects of Healthy Cities.


Applicants to the program would have an opportunity of exchanging their ideas with Japanese Healthy Cities and private corporations as well as of exploring mutual interests of further cooperation in the future while utilizing newly acquired knowledge during the study tour in Japan.


The program would be designed in such a direction to promote cooperative relationship between AFHC Member Cities and Japanese Cities and Corporations through their healthy city planning and practice. Our Mission of the Program is to enhance the quality of life of Healthy Cities in Asia and Western Pacific Region as a whole with shared vision of future cooperation. The results and outcomes will be presented at the Global Conference of Alliance for Healthy Cities.


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The applicants must currently deal with activities of the following designated three categories in terms of the projects either in officially approved plan or ongoing in respect with the Healthy Cities concepts.

1.Health Promotion Project focusing on primary health care, such as health education, food and nutrition, maternal and child health, and disease prevention.


A. Empowerment of the citizens through maternal and child healthcare
B. Improvement of food and nutrition
C. Revitalizing of the regional economies by promoting local products
D. Community Health Promotion with a focus on oral and dental healthcare
E. Training of Health Workers as well as community people

2.Urban Environmental Projects for developing infrastructure and facilities, and their management and maintenance necessary for promotion of Healthy City.


A. Development of Waste Disposal Plant
B. Infrastructure Development of Water and Sewerage Treatment Plants
C. Construction of Roads and Parks with Universal Design

3.Community Medical System Development Projects for improving medical and welfare facilities in the healthy cities.


A. Disease Prevention Activities by Medical Staff
B. Supporting for Self Help Activities of Elderly and Disabled Citizens
C. Community Medical Service Networking with an application of ICT
D. Medical care and social welfare activities at community central hospital


On application healthy cities projects either planning or ongoing under the above-mentioned categories will be screened and given priorities of selection in accordance with the experience and techniques relevant and familiar to Japanese Cities and Private Corporations. The Applicant Cities and Organizations shall be selected by due consideration of project’s content that could be harmonized and coordinated with Japanese Healthy Cities and Corporations who are intended to support.

While the outcomes of the study tour in Japan would be mutually agreed to be further joint works, we would like to keep moving ahead of cooperation in making the best use of various funding sources such as the Japanese government’s ODA schemes on grass-root cooperation between local governments, and other grant contributions by private corporations.


Awards of Study Tour to Japan

A. Number of invitees from city government / Organization
・Maxim 2 persons: one must be senior management of the project and other senior technical specialist
・At least one of them is expected to be English speaking
B. Length of Study Tour: One Week( 7 days )
C. Round Trip Air Ticket (Economy Class) from International Airport to Japan
D. Hotel Accommodation plus Daily Allowance during stays in Japan
E. Transportation Charges by Public Transport in Japan


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Application for 2013 was closed.



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